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CORIOmaster mini unit: 1RU

All-in-one. and done

Our CORIO All-In-One product line performs tasks that previously required entire racks of video equipment.  Meet all your video processing needs with our 1u product while achieving a 10X power savings.

10X Power Savings
40X Space Savings
5YR. Warranty

Cutting Edge Technology
Time Tested Reliability

Our CORIO® technology delivers the performance and features you need for your most demanding videowall presentations - all in one small, 1U box.

  • Multi Window Processing

    Position, size, stretch and rotate one or more video windows.

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  • Rotation

    Outputs can be independently rotated 360 degrees without adding video delay.

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  • Warping (Coming soon)

    Warping controls allow for the projection of video on curved surfaces without incurring distortion.

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  • Edge Blending

    Combine projected images to create unique video presentations of almost any size and shape.

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Multi Window Processing

Multiple windows can be used to design a virtual canvas with the capability to resize and rotate each window 360° on the canvas, which will then be sent to predefined layout of one or more video monitors or projectors. Windows can be easily layered and overlapped and layer priority of each window can be easily changed. Canvases can be duplicated on a number of layouts to permit display in more than one area.


Individual or multiple windows can be used to design a virtual canvas with the capability to resize and rotate each window 360°, which will then be output to a predefined layout of one or more video monitors or projectors. Designers have the power to create video environments that were never before possible such as rotating an array of monitors showing video that maintains a stable horizon even as the displays rotate 360° in real-time.


In cases where the projection surface is not a flat, two dimensional surface, warping controls will adjust the image so that a video presentation will look undistorted. Also, projectors can be used off axis with brightness controls to aid in an even distribution of the projected video.

Edge Blending

Edge blending uses two or more projectors to create a single, larger video display in a simple and efficient manner. Each projector outputs a portion of the desired video and overlaps with the outputs from other projectors. Our integrated edge blending feature will divide the video input as necessary and adjust the brightness and black levels accordingly to create one clear and bright seamless image.

Experience Instant Gratification

Real world video images call for real time video quality. With a less than two frame signal delay from
input to output, CORIO products deliver the highest quality video possible at ultra-low latency.

2 Frames or less
6-12 Frames

When it Comes to I/O,
We Don't Play Favorites

Our CORIO products support the full range of analog and digital formats as well as universal conversion
to any HD or PC resolution.  You’re ready for the future since our modular design
supports new and emerging technologies such as HDBaseT, 3G-SDI and 4K.